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Blueberry & coconut granola

What is your favourite Granola? I do find some to be good, but I am always not 100 % satisfied, as I would like more nuts, less sugar, more crunch and so on.. Well, the best way to have the…

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Exotic Banana Bread

  Since I first saw a picture of a beautifully stapled banana bread, I have been looking for a recipe to try. The thing is, I don’t like my banana bread to be too banana! I mean, I want nuts…

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Pumpkin bread with spinach and feta

  Are you already in the autumn mood? I can’t say I really am, as it is getting hotter each day here in Singapore, but at least we do have some seasonal products, like pumpkins! And what do you do…

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Buttermilk mini cakes

I made this mini cakes to celebrate the birthday of my daughter’s teacher. The children were terribly excited! To make them more fun I coloured the dough pink and purple. Decorated with a simple sugar/lemon frosting turned pink by some…

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Rainbow cake tutorial

As I was asked to bake a rainbow cake for an upcoming birthday, I thought it would get messy.. and it would be a lot of work.. Well, yes, it is quite a lot of baking, but it doesn’t have…

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  A classic Italian dessert, very simple to prepare and so delicious even in this lighter version, I bet it will make it into your favourite recipes list! Check also my festive variation for Tiramisu’ at the end of the…

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Apple pie with almonds and cinnamon

In the tropical Island of Singapore there are no seasons expect summer.. And still we do see some signs of autumn: the morning thunderstorms, the halloween gadgets filling up the stores and the good apples and pumpkins imported from Europe,…

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Quick Thai asparagus quiche

This quick and easy quiche is perfect for parties and last minute guests! Don’t have asparagus? No worries! Just switch to veggies you have in your fridge! I saw this beautiful Quiche on the Instagram account of Frances – carryoncooking…

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Spinach Feta Muffins

The only veggie I can get my son to eat is spinach! How weird is that?! So, no need to say, that we are always on the look for healthy but tasty recipes with spinach. Bjorn and Lena have a…

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Chocolate Palm Sugar Cookies

Because sometimes there is nothing better then home made chocolate chip cookies, right? We have been pretty busy sorting things for school and getting everything ready, so those cookies were a nice treat once we were done! I found the…

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Sweet potatoes turmeric hummus

Even thou we are quite used to the heat by living in Singapore, we are quite struggling here in Europe and trying to stay cool in the hottest week of the year (that’s how the experts call it). Dips are…

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