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Halloween bloody vampire cookies

Whether you are a Halloween fan or not, you must agree, that there are a lot of fun and yummy foods out there for this spooky night! How about bloody vampire cookies?

If you are looking for a quick fix with MINIMAL effort and MAXIMUM wow effect, go on and check out my bloody vampire bites cookies!

I can’t really call it a recipe, it’s more like an assembly line… So easy, you can definitely get your kids to help you out! They will not only love the process but also the results!

Main Halloween cookies Oreo vampire
Vampire bites cookies


* Cookies (Oreo or similar)
* White chocolate to melt or homemade royal icing (egg whites or lemon and icing sugar)
* Red gel color (use the gels!!!)
* Vampire teeth candies
* Eyes sugar candies

If you are willing to, you can definitely bake your own cookies, but try to make them thick as least as Oreos.

For making the Blood, you have different options: you can use candy red melts, melted white chocolate with red gel colors or you can make your icing sugar and color it.

I recommend you use good quality food gel colors.

Close Vampire bites halloween Oreo cookies
Halloween cookies


1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Alternatively, prepare your icing sugar.
2. Mix in 1-2 drops of dark red food gel color.
3. With a spoon or a brush pour it on your cookies, do it messy, you do not want it to be perfect.
4. While it’s still soft, add the vampire teeth candy as if it was biting the cookie and if you want, add on or to eyes.
5. Let them set.
6. Use the leftover icing to decorate a baking sheet or your presentation plate!

Happy Halloween!!

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