Mushrooms Risotto

Risotto in Singapore? Sure, why not? But let’s make it a bit more fresh and local with local mushrooms and coriander instead of parsley. Before you start, make sure you are going to be able to stay with your risotto the whole time, because it needs dedication – but it will reward you! Since I don’t have a risotto pan here, I used my wok, which worked incredibly well (think I’ll always use it from now!), put a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil to warm up and then add half of a chopped onion, cook for 3-4 minutes then add some water to finish cooking it.Add your risotto rice (carnaroli is the best) and cook for a couple of minutes, then add half a glass of white wine (I added Prosecco this time cause I had an opened bottle) and let the alcohol evaporate.Now all you need is broth (vegetable or meat, as you like). When I want to make it really simple I cook the water in the electric kettle, pour it in a pot or whatever and add broth powder – easy easy and quick! So, you need to add just enough broth to let the rice sit in it. But it shouldn’t drown, so not too much! Stir and stir very very often, keep the heat medium high. Add more broth when the rice has dried out and before it starts to stick to the pan.

After 10 minutes I added the cleaned and roughly cutted mushrooms, I don’t want them too squishy, I like them with still a bite so 10 minutes are good. Adjust with salt and pepper (remember you’ll be adding Parmesan as well so don’t salt too much).

Keep adding broth and stirring until the rice is cooked (it will always have a nice bite, you don’t want to cook it like steamed rice!), turn the heat off, add a good piece of butter and grated Parmesan. Stir. Let rest for a couple of minutes, just the time to set the table, then plate and add chopped coriander (or parsley if you want to be traditional) on the top.


Risotto is super flexible. Once you have the basic recipe and ingredients (rice, wine, broth, Parmesan), you can add all kind of vegetables. Also sausage is great. Experiment with different cheeses as well. Have fun! And a nice Sunday.

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