• Bake this low carb bread made with ricotta and loads of herbs. The easy recipe …
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  • Thai Mango Sticky rice, a simple dessert or snack that you can enjoy at home …
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  • Learn how to make a beautiful Kranz, an Austrian braided and twisted bread filled with …
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  • When a tomato soup meets indian spices and coconut milk, it turns out into something …
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  • My Tiramisu' is a lighter and creamy version of an Italian classic dessert. The recipe …
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  • Cantucci are dairy free Italian biscotti filled with almonds and ideal to dip in your …
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  • Sommer Rezepte

    • Herby Ricotta Bread

      Herby Ricotta Bread
    • Thai Mango Sticky Rice

      Thai Mango Sticky Rice
    • Austrian Braided Bread with Strawberries – Topfen Kranz

      Austrian Braided Bread with Strawberries – Topfen Kranz
    • Indian Tomato & Coconut soup with Chapati

      Indian Tomato & Coconut soup with Chapati
    • Tiramisu’ – my lighter version of a classic Italian dessert

      Tiramisu’ – my lighter version of a classic Italian dessert
    • Cantucci – Italian almonds biscotti

      Cantucci – Italian almonds biscotti
    • Sugar-free Berries Dream Cake

      Sugar-free Berries Dream Cake

    Lemon tagliatelle with prawns

    I noticed, that I was lacking of a pasta dish on my blog. And been italian, I really need to catch up, don’t you think?? So let me share with you a fancy version, that is still terribly easy and…

    Speedy no-bake lime cheesecake

    If you are looking for the quickest and easiest cake that requires no baking and just 6 ingredients, look no further, I have the recipe. I found it in a very precious book I bought at a Christmas Fair in…

    About me

    I'm Laura, Globetrotter and Foodblogger.
    I was born in Italy. Austria is what we call home.
    We lived in China, Singapore and the USA.
    Here I share with you easy and mess-free recipes from near and far.
    Join me on a culinary journey around the world!

    Blueberries crumble cake

    Sunday is for baking! I found a bargain on blueberries at the supermarket, so I bought way too many! Is it just me?? Or does it happen to you too? I was actually planning on doing my lovely blueberry muffins,…

    Sprinkle birthday cake with mascarpone stracciatella creme – easy, gorgeous and delicious

    Not a fan of sweet icing? Me neither.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a tasty and beautiful cake! For my little angel, that just turned two years old, I used a sponge cake (my mother made it for…

    Coconut Snowman Cupcakes

    Who said we can’t make a snowman in Singapore by 32 degrees? Well, of course we had to get creative, there’s no snow here but lots of coconuts! So, I baked a batch of my always perfect vanilla cupcakes, layered…

    Witch fingers Cookies

    The first time we tried out this cookies, it was just before Christmas and my son was “helping” me to bake Christmas cookies, finding them too boring, we came up with the idea of making fingers.. not very christmassy.. but…

    Fiji Islands – where there are countless blue colors..

    I never thought that I would actually go to the Fiji Islands one day! I mean, from Europe it’s like flying all over the other side of the world and even further.. BUT from Singapore it is “only” a 10…

    Crunchy oats sunflower seeds chocolate chip cookies

    Crunchy oats sunflower seeds chocolate chip cookies! You would never guess, that I found this recipe on a book about baby food (from Annabel Karmel).. I did adapt the recipe a little, like I always do and that is the…

    Apple almonds mini bundt cakes

    No autumn in Singapore, but plenty of apples available and I had bought too many, so it was the perfect occasion to make these healthy juicy muffins, great also for picky children as they are packed with apples and do…

    Mushrooms Risotto

    Risotto in Singapore? Sure, why not? But let’s make it a bit more fresh and local with local mushrooms and coriander instead of parsley. Before you start, make sure you are going to be able to stay with your risotto…

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