Sprinkle birthday cake with mascarpone stracciatella creme – easy, gorgeous and delicious

Not a fan of sweet icing? Me neither.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a tasty and beautiful cake! For my little angel, that just turned two years old, I used a sponge cake (my mother made it for me) and I filled it with a tasty but sugar free mascarpone stracciatella cream frosting and topped it with a simple mascarpone frosting. For a three layers cake you will need to whip up 250g of full fat cream and then add it to 500g of mascarpone and a splash of vanilla extract (always!!). Add one or two spoons of icing sugar if you need and mix it well, but carefully, with a spatula and movements from the bottom to the top. Done.

Place the sponge cake on your serving plate and to avoid it getting all dirty and messy with the frosting, place some stripes of baking paper underneath it – when you are done decorating you will only need to pull them out gently and tataaa no mess and a clean plate!

Spread the cream on the first layer and sprinkle with chocolate chunks (or small chips) if you like, then repeat on the second layer.

Spread the cream on the top of the cake and on the sides as uniform as possible, I used a spatula to do so. Then refrigerate, the cream will get harder in the fridge.

Shortly before serving you can decorate the cake as you like. I cut a 2 out of a paper and layed it on the cake and then poured pink purple green yellow sprinkles on the cake with a spoon. Took the 2 of paper away and the simple but beautiful cake was done!

You’ll be astonished how good it tastes even without sugar!

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