Witch fingers Cookies

The first time we tried out this cookies, it was just before Christmas and my son was “helping” me to bake Christmas cookies, finding them too boring, we came up with the idea of making fingers.. not very christmassy.. but perfect for Halloween!

I used my recipe for simple plain butter cookies. With the following quantities you should be able to make 50-60 witch fingers cookies: 300g of plain flour 200g of cold butter 100g of icing sugar 2 egg yolks 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract A big pinch of salt About 50-60 whole almonds 2 tablespoons of candy melt or melted chocolate

Turn on the oven at 170 degrees. I used the kitchen aid with the flat beater. Mix all the ingredients together and then let the dough rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Put some baking paper on your baking tins (you’ll probably need 2), take a pinch of the dough and roll it quickly between your hands/fingers. No point in making a perfect roll, in this case you want ugly rolls, it’s for Halloween! Place the roll on the paper and carry on. Leave about one centimeter space between the cookies, which should also have a diameter of approximately 1 centimeter.

Once you’re done, press an almond on one end. Then press a knife gently on the cookies to make the finger lines. Bake for 13-15 minutes until slightly golden. Let them cool down. Now see if the almonds are attached, if not, melt some candy melt or some chocolate and use it as a glue to attach the spooky nails on the cookies.

If you also want to do the marshmallows as in the picture, grab a package of orange candy melt, some chocolate (and or colored) sprinkles and of course marshmallows.

Melt the candy melt, dip the marshmallow in it and then dip it in a small bowl with the chocolate (or rainbow) sprinkles. Done!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks Hendy for the beautiful picture you have taken!

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