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My name is Laura Matteucci, I am Italian, currently living in Singapore, based in Austria (my husband is Austrian). I also lived in China and the USA.

We like to travel and the kids (we have 2) didn’t stop us from doing so.

I love to cook and try new recipes, especially from other countries. I learned to cook the dishes of where I lived or visited and to mix them and simplify them to create multicultural meals. I call it global cooking.

Singapore is a melting pot and I am on mission here to learn the secrets and techniques of the different asian cuisines.

My recipes are made of few good quality ingredients, the execution requires only a couple of simple steps and the results are a mess free kitchen and beautiful tasty dishes!

I prefer the use of natural ingredients and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Even for my pictures I take advantage of the beautiful natural light that filters thru my windows.

There is such a variety and beauty in nature, that I feel lucky being able to explore and use it!

Let me take you with me on a culinary journey around the world!


Indian saag paneer

Saag Paneer – vegetarian spinach curry

  One of my favourite Indian dishes is Saag Paneer, crispy cheese cubes immersed in a creamy spinach curry sauce. A deliciuos and healthy vegetarian option, that is so easy to make at home! If paneer is not available to

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