Recipes and Travels

recipes from around the world with seasonal and local ingredients.

Recipes from around the world

Here you will find recipes passed down by my friends from all over the world during my journeys and stays abroad as well as easy everyday food from my home country Italy and my chosen home Austria.

Indian cooking

I love Indian cooking: colourful, spicy and flavourful!  Too much work? No! Don’t let the long ingredient list scare you! My recipes are easy and original.

Main butter chicken Indian curry creamy family dish naan rice favourite Indian India
Create your own Indian Feast at home

Recipes from my home, Italy

The Italian Kitchen is important here, it’s where I come from! Find out my family recipes. Buon Appetito!

Recipes from Italy

One night in Bangkok

Holiday feeling is guaranteed when cooking those authentic Thai recipes.

Thai Chicken Green Curry, a delicious classic dish from Thailand, made with green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken and vegetables
Thai curry with chicken


What makes a great Meze? Find out here.

Find out the secrets for making a perfectly creamy and delicious Hummus, a simple middle eastern dip made with chickpeas and a couple more ingredients

American food

I grew up in the USA, so I do have a couple of favourite recipes to share with you.

Easy recipe for bagels
American Food


Lots of delicious recipe from my home in Austria.

Recipe for austrian dumplings
Austrian food

Laura Matteucci The cooking Globetrotter
Laura Matteucci The cooking Globetrotter

Ciao a tutti,

Welcome on my Blog The cooking Globetrotter!

I am Laura, Italian, now living in Austria.

I spent years in China, Singapore and the USA.

We, that is my family of 4, love to travel as often and far as possible. And when are at home, we cook foods from around the world using local and seasonal ingredients.

Here you will find our favourite recipes.

Have a great culinary journey!

Buon appetito!