Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a delicious stir fry rice noodle dish. I love it. And I tried (and failed) so many times to reproduce it at home, that I was almost giving up.. Until I went to a cooking class and…

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

  I never eat dessert when I go to a Thai Restaurant, because the mains are so delicious that I simply can not eat anymore!! But now that I know how yummy Mango Sticky Rice is, I’ll definitely have to…

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I'm Laura, Globetrotter and Foodblogger.
I was born in Italy, am currently living in Singapore and Austria is what we call home.
We also lived in China and the USA.
Here I share with you easy and mess-free recipes from near and far.
Join me on a culinary journey around the world!

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Time for another quick and easy Thai dish: pineapple fried rice! I’m quite sure it does belong to the regular dishes you order at your favorite Thai. Well, follow this easy recipe and you can make your own anytime you…

Thai chicken green curry

After the prawns and asparagus thai stir fryit is time to take you with me to the next level in Thai Cuisine: green chicken curry. I learned to prepare this dish from scratch, which means also pounding for an hour…

Thai Prawns & Asparagus Stir-Fry

After exploring indian cooking, I have started adventuring in the Thai Cuisine. I find some dishes to be quite complex, but why don’t we start with a quick stir fry using in season asparagus? This dish, served with plain steamed…

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