Indonesian Pandan Pancakes with Coconut Filling

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Have you ever been to Indonesia or Malaysia? This is where those delicious Kue (which means snack) Pandan pancakes with Coconut Filling come from.

The Pandan Juice is responsible for the beautiful green colour and adds a nice flavour, described as slightly nutty and aromatic, a bit like vanilla. Pandan is a tropical plant that grows and is cultivated in South East Asia. The narrow and long green leaves are widely used for cooking and flavouring, you can see them in the background of the picture.

In Singapore it is very easy to find fresh Pandan leaves. But if you are not so lucky and still want to discover the flavour, you can buy Pandan Juice or Extract. Sometimes you can even find powder. Use whatever is available to you to add aroma to the thin pancakes. Ask your asian shop.

Indonesian Pandan Crepes stuffed with Coconut

Dadar Gulung – Indonesian Pandan pancakes with coconut filling

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Dadar Gulung is a traditional Indonesian and Malaysian dessert: rolled pancakes, flavoured with pandan juice and stuffed with coconut caramelized in palm sugar



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Those lovely Crêpes are delicious also filled with caramelised bananas! Or how about Coconut Flakes and melted chocolate? Add some salted roasted and chopped peanuts for a salty kick!

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Green Pandan Crepes stuffed with Coconut

Thanks to my dear friend and culinary sister Jyune for sharing with me this recipe! She is an incredibly talented Chef, that has been living all over the world and is able to whip up a feast in no time (looking fabulous too).

Just one of the treasures I am taking with me from this Singapore journey that is coming to end soon.

I’ll make sure to share more about all I have learned here from my cooking and baking groups (ICCS), not only the local dishes but also middle eastern platters, Indian delicacies, Romanian delights and much more. In the meantime, join my culinary journey on Pinterest!

A traditional Indonesian and Malaysian dessert, rolled crepes, flavoured with pandan juice and stuffed with coconut caramelized in palm sugar
Indonesian Pandan Crêpes with Coconut Filling

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